Multi-Dose Vials - NEW!!!

Transitioning to Multi-Dose Vials NEW!!!!

This applies ONLY to those patients who have been notified of the change to multi-dose immunotherapy vials.

There is an important change to the way your OAAC allergy shots will now be packaged. Previously, your allergy shot serum was packaged in single dose vials. However, the sterile 1cc (1mL) single dose vials are no longer being manufactured.

Changes in how the clinic will now package your allergy serum:

  • Since you are at your maintenance dose – your serum will NOW be sent in a MULTI-DOSE VIAL
  • Each multi-dose vial contains 6 doses of your maintenance dose (5mL)
  • If you take ONE allergy shot at a time – we will mail you ONE maintenance vial. If you take TWO allergy shots (left and right injection), we will mail you TWO maintenance vials (labeled left and right) 

The amount of serum in milliliters (mL) to be injected for each maintenance dose will be noted in your allergen extract prescription form. See the sample extract prescription form below for directions on how to read your extract order.  Please keep your vials refrigerated when storing them. 


  • Since the doses are packaged in a different format, the total volume of serum injected might be different from before – but the allergen dose is the SAME. It is possible a small amount of serum will be left in the vial even after all of the doses have been given.

  • Please keep your serum vials refrigerated. 

If you are receiving your injections anywhere other than at the Oklahoma Allergy and Asthma Clinic, please communicate this important change to the provider administering your shots so that you will receive the correct dose.

Instructions for Injections

  1. Look at the vial(s) to make sure it has the correct name and date of birth.
  2. Look at the extract order for instructions on how much allergy serum to inject for the maintenance dose.
  3. Inject the maintenance dose amount subcutaneously as directed by provider.  
  4. If you receive more than one injection at a time (you get an injection in the right arm and left arm each time), make sure to follow the instructions on the extract order for each side. Also, make sure you are injecting from the correct vial for the right and left sides.
  5. With each injection(s), record date of injection, time of injection and whether there were any adverse reactions. 
  6. Contact your provider with any questions.  

Please contact the OAAC if you have any questions or concerns.