Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION:   Why do I have to stop my antihistamines before I come in for testing?
ANSWER:  In order to have an accurate skin test individuals must be off antihistamines for a period of time (see Requirements for Preparation for Skin Testing)

QUESTION:  Why do I need to withhold my asthma medicine on the morning of my visit? 
ANSWER:  It helps us more accurately determine your true pulmonary functions and will allow us to better assess your asthmatic condition.  However, do not discontinue your asthma medications for any longer for prior to the visit unless specifically ordered by your Allergy Clinic physician.

QUESTION:  I need an appointment for a chronic skin problem that I have had for a long time. 
ANSWER:  The Allergy Clinic is not a dermatology clinic and we do not normally see chronic skin conditions. There are a few exceptions including recurrent hives (urticaria) and swellings (angioedema).  However, these disorders usually come and go so that they do not stay in the same location for weeks or months at a time.  If you have such condition you need to see a dermatologist.

QUESTION:  I have hives and I want to come in to find the exact cause of my swellings. Can you help? 
ANSWER:   Yes and No.  We can certainly evaluate you but be aware that 90% of the time we find no specific cause for these recurrent skin lesions called hives or urticaria.  However, if you are more interested in us being able to help control this condition, then we can usually help.