Pollen Spotlight

Walnut PollenWalnut Tree Leaf Walnut Tree    Walnut 

Walnut species are found in all states east of a line from Wisconsin to central Texas and from Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas to California and the northwestern states.  Also in northern Mexico, and Ontario and Quebec in Canada.

Mold Spore Spotlight

Alternaria    Alternaria

A tadpole shaped, multi-celled mold, which is both ubiquitous and abundant.

Certified Pollen & Mold Counters

John Harris & Lisa Mallory

John HarrisLisa Mallory

Oklahoma Allergy & Asthma ClinicOklahoma Allergy & Asthma Clinic Pollen and Mold Report

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The Oklahoma Allergy & Asthma Clinic is a certified pollen and mold counting station for the National Allergy Bureau.

For pollen counts in other US cities or additional allergy information go to http://pollen.aaaai.org/nab/index.cfm?p=allergenreport&stationid=103